WINEDARKSEA has a new service in 2019, that will provide our honored guests with specially designed tours of Crete to permit an intimate and memorable experience of the wonders of Crete. Enjoy our brand new 15 passenger touring bus, comfortably designed to allow bigger groups to explore Crete as we natives know it. Come and let us show you the things that make Crete truly special. Choose from one or more of the special packages we offer.


1.Day trip to Chania and Rethymno: our personal driver takes you on a personalized tour of the old towns of Chania beginning in the morning, allowing the guests a free morning to stroll down the winding roads of the ancient paths. Shop and stroll the area at your leisure, until after the lunch hour, where the waiting driver will pick you up and take you to the beautiful town of Rethymnon. This is a charming old town with mixtures of Venetian, Greek and Turkish influence throughout the old port town. Stroll and relax in this picturesque place and enjoy an afternoon snack in one of the many tavernas. The driver will be waiting to drive you back at 5 pm, and we will stop at the town of Bali for an early dinner before returning home.

2. Day trip to Mátala. On the way to Matala, there is an Ancient Greek and Roman site to explore, which is worth exploring for about an hour. Then continue on to Matala This is a beautiful beach with a history that goes back to the Roman days, when they carved out caves from the cliff side surrounding hills. The beach is beautiful to swim in and has nice picturesque shops and tavernas around it. Enjoy a day at the beach, have lunch and a snack and we return home.

3. Agia Galini. This is a special unspoiled part of Crete that has a real village feel and look, along with a gorgeous beach and picturesque port. The village looks like old Crete before the 1980’s and presents you with a unique Cretan experience. Enjoy lunch and a swim until the return home in the afternoon.

 4. Vai Beach. This is a spectacular beach, a long drive. Get an early start inorder to enjoy the day swimming and basking in the sun on a lovely, date palm covered beach oasis. This beach has two places to sit and enjoy a meal at your leisure. The experience is worth the four hour drive and our driver will make sure you are in comfort on the trip.

5. Heraklion Sites. We start with taking you to Knossos, where you can either hire a special guide on the site to show you the site of the oldest European advanced culture, or you can go on your own and just observe the place without the lectures. After this, we go into the center of Heraklion where you can explore Lions’ square, walk around the area and enjoy a snack. We get you back to your villa by 5pm.

6. Agios Nicholas and Elounda. Explore one of the prettiest areas of Crete. Agios Nicholas surrounds a deep water enclosed port that then opens to the open sea. The town is filled with great shops and tavernas and has great places to explore. Then move on to nearby Elounda and Plaka. This is an elegant beach area that has scene many celebrities and jet setters. It’s a great place to enjoy a meal before returning back to the villa.

 7. Explore some of the lesser know beaches. Let us show you a day of beaches that are not as well known or traversed by the tourists.

8. Lasithi plateau and Zeus’ cave. Come and see the great plateau of Crete and enjoy the beautiful mountain drive along the way. Once we arrive, we head to the famous and mythical cave of Zeus. Explore a natural wonder and spend the time looking at the views. Finish you stay with a meal at the base of the cave with some of the most dramatic views you’ll ever see. Then return home to the villa.

9. Visit the Beach and village where Zorba the Greek was filmed. Spend the morning hours on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoy a meal afterwards at the many cafes and tavernas in the area.

10. The monastery of Arkardi and a trip To the a 3000 year old olive tree. Let us show you the beautiful and peaceful monastery of Arkadi. A 500 year old monastery with beautiful gardens and a rich and interesting past. Explore the many monk cells and contemplate the history that has passed through these doors. A side stop along the way, we will take you to an olive tree that is believed to be over 3000 years old.
This tree was alive before Christ and Alexander the Great. It is worth the time to see.

11. Minoan journey. Let us take you to Phaestos to see the most developed archeological site on crete (without the rebuilding of Knossos). The site is impressive for its size and the beautiful backdrop of the Cretan valley is worth the trip.

 12. We can also customize a tour upon request. Let us know if there is a special experience you wanted or an area to explore. We are available to transport your group to dining and nighttime experiences upon request and notice. The charges for these services will vary depending on the request and duration but or agents will be more than happy to customize such services.