WINE DARK SEA LUXURY VILLAS …combines a Five Star hotel experience with the feeling of your own home away from home ( if your home were paradise overlooking the mediterranean ). Create memories with family and friends in the most beautiful villas  you will ever find in Greece.

Let us take care of every detail to create your perfect holiday. Work with our  company, who knows that the most precious thing is your time. Holidays are the most important part of your year, and Greece is our passion. Helping you to ‘find your perfect’ experience is what we do best.
Welcome home. Welcome to the Wine Dark Sea.


Welcome to the Island  of Crete, where all your vacation dreams come true. Cherished for its unspoilt beaches , secret coves , crystal blue waters & wild nature , this eco-island paradise appeals to those in need of seclusion and relaxation. Experience the extraordinary in a magnificent setting. experience our 4 incredible villas on Crete, all with spectacular views and privacy. We also welcome you to the glorious island of Rhodes, with its medieval fortresses and knight inspired culture and the incredible surrounding beaches of Rhodes. In side the UNESCO protected walls of the ancient town of Rhodes, is  our ancient restored medieval manor, secluded inside its own walled gardens, just steps away from the Grand Master palace. We offer our guests a fully varied Greek island experience. Come and let us share the Greek islands with you.



INTERIOR: Fully equipped kitchen, fireplace, modern furnishing, wi-fi access (free of charge)

EXTERIOR: Veranda,  panoramic sea view, barbecue,  pool with jacuzzi function, swimming pool

BEDROOMS: 6                      FLOORS: 3

INTERIOR: Fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi (Free of charge), fireplace, Satellite TV

EXTERIOR: Panoramic Sea view, swimming pool, barbecue and seating areas, private parking and private enclosed property, veranda or  private balcony, external autonomous guest bathrooms, party and wedding ready facilities.

BEDROOMS: 5                        FLOORS: 3

INTERIOR: Fireplace, unique & elegant furniture accommodation, fully equipped kitchen

EXTERIOR: BBQ area with “monk’s table”, pizza oven, swimming pool, breathtaking views, walking garden paths, secret gardens, three garden seating areas, marble balcony with dining area, panoramic sea views.

BEDROOMS: 4                   FLOORS: 2

INTERIOR: Fireplace, traditional antique style furniture,vaulted beam ceilings, fully equipped kitchen, luxury master bathroom suite with bathtub.

EXTERIOR: Verandas, dining areas, fountain in a fully enclosed and walled garden, peaceful atmosphere, inside the walled medieval town.



Wine Dark Sea Luxury Villas in Crete is a vacation destination and experience all by itself.

Our beautiful villas, located in beautiful Crete Greece, offers the demanding and experienced traveler a memorable alternative to hotels, with our private and elegant villas with gorgeous views of the Mediterranean. Wine Dark Sea offers our guests private luxury with private views of the original Wine Dark Sea of the Mediterranean. You will bask in the area that Odysseus made famous. You can almost hear the song of the Sirens when you lounge on your balcony overlooking the sea.
Wine dark Sea villas is a vacation destination and experience all by itself.

We provide villas with tasteful and elegant beauty while giving our guests the option of full service equal to a five star hotel, to minimum service for complete privacy and discretion. We provide more than just a beautiful private villa for your dream vacation, we provide you with a staff of professionals who will make your stay as comfortable as possible and give you a wealth of choices and options for your vacation.

Our villas are in stunning and dramatic locations with your own private views of the sea and mountains. The villas are within minutes of gorgeous beaches and picturesque villages and monasteries. Our villas are 15 minutes from Heraklion and 30 minutes from the airport but they are a universe away from the bland and mundane world. We provide our visiting guests with an escape from their busy world and offer them a sanctuary that will restore their tired souls.

Our Wine Dark Sea villa policy is to give a traveler an alternative to the hotel experience but still offer our guests as much service as he or she wants. We can give you full privacy or full service that includes a private chef. Your vacation is tailored to your desires. Wine Dark Sea Villas offers more than beautiful villas, we offer you a beautiful experience. Come visit with us and let us show you the ancient law of hospitality.



Our villas are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities that our guests may need for pleasant stay.



Crete is the largest and most populous island of Greece and the fifth largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit it every year due to the excellent weather, the traditional element that remains intact and of course the unique and amazing sea to enjoy and experience.


Fishing for Fun: Heraklion’s Fish Spa

Those who know me best know that I am unable to resist a kitschy tourist trap when I see one. I can’t help it: the minute I know it’s there, all of my mature appreciation of art and culture flies right out the window, and all of my thoughts are consumed by an almost primal desire to do something dumb for the sake of the doing it. I can’t even claim that it’s done ironically: I genuinely enjoy exploring tourist traps. I love finding joy in roadside attractions, in things that may be more expensive than they’re worth but are nevertheless enjoyable, in things that, while on the surface a dedicated traveler may consider a waste of time, I consider an experience. I’m reclaiming my joie de vivre one wacky, weird thing at a time.

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